Reading Program


Reading One Word At A TIme Program

Our reading program allows the parent to become personally involved with their child’s education and will give them a good understanding of how their child is developing. The program used is The Barton Reading and Spelling Program. 

You will be given all the materials to start the program on your own.  These materials will include a CD that will explain the program.  The Barton Reading and Spelling Program is specifically designed for a parent to use, so don't think this is an impossible task.  Please click on the link to see if you can pass the tutor screening:

Take Tutor Screening Now

In order for the parents to receive their materials, they will be required to leave a check for $50 to Embracing Kate's Way.  This check will be for the materials you will receive and will not be cashed as long as the materials are returned in full, in the same condition they were received.  Also, the materials are the property of Embracing Kate's Way Incorporated and are not to be copied.

This program will require a dedicated individual who is serious about being involved in their child's education.  If you have the willingness and desire to become involved in this program we will support you 100% and are anxious to help.

To apply fill, out the application below and attach it to the contact form on the website:

Reading One Word At A Time Parent Application